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Creativity without Boundary

Please review the past and current projects below to learn Moore about various screenplays, pilot episodes and award-winning graphic novels written by 30 year pop-culture industry veteran Monte M. Moore. 


Loco Hero

Graphic Novel

Multi Award-Winning 96 page graphic-novel published in 2020-21 and features a never before seen hero.  Latina, Veteran, Homeless, Courageous, Selfless...and just a little bit crazy. 

Blood N'Bullets

Graphic Novel

Featuring an all-female led lead cast, Blood N'Bullets combines the supernatural, strong sexy independent characters but is set in the classic Old West and is now a fully-published 96 page graphic-novel featuring stunning full color art and is internationally distributed. 


Outpost: Earth

Graphic Novel 

A Dystechian Graphic Novel project currently in production by an International comics art team Art Directed, Published and Written by Monte M. Moore.

Lead Character Terra - Species meets Iron Man

The Midnight Cafe

Dark Anthology Graphic
Novel Project

This anthology project is in keeping with the great traditions of Amazing Stories, Twilight Zone, 

Weird Tales and Tales from the Crypt and will showcase three unique stories by Monte M. Moore in every action-packed issue.  Currently in-production for a 2022 publication date.  Stories include  Endangered Species, Dead Silence and All-Hallows Deceive..."




Click on the graphic to left to be taken to youtube to watch my award-winning 5 minute fan film that was made on a budget of only $600 in my basement as my class project at Colorado Film School after which my instructor said 'g make movies on your own, we can't teach you much more here" I did!

This short was seen on Spike TV which is now Paramount + Network, and was chosen as a Top 25 Finalist out of over 250 Worldwide Entries. 

End of the Road

Feature Film 2011

Also released on streaming Amazon/Itunes as "1,2,3...Scream" this multi-Award winning feature film was written, produced and executive produced by me and was accepted into 6 film festivals and won 5 awards.  The film was shot on location in Idaho and film stages in LA and featured many Hollywood actors such as Academy-Award Winner Doug Jones from The Shape of Water and Pan's Labyrinth as well as Star Trek actors Michael Dorn and Robert Picardo.  This feature was also Internationally Distributed on DVD in nearly a dozen languages and film markets under titles such as "Spirit Hunters" and "Spirit Seekers" 




Strike Zone (family themed/martial arts action)

“Toy Soldiers” meets “The Karate Kid”


Logline: At the end of a Martial Arts training seminar in the Colorado Mountains, three students learn of a plot to kidnap a U.S. Senator and must band together as a team to foil the plans of the kidnappers.


After their training seminar has ended, 3 students stay behind  to help their Sensei clean up the camp and are rewarded with private training.  Sky, Erin and Chance are individually exceptional students, but each has flaws they must learn to overcome.  These flaws are evident in today’s youth such as super-ego, lack of confidence, and not taking responsibility for one’s actions.    


When the trio is out doing some night training on evasion techniques, they come across a group of criminals plotting an attack on the motorcade of a U.S Senator who will be visiting the nearby Norad installation the next day. They attempt to escape to tell their Sensei what they have learned, but never get the chance, as  Brent “Race” Racine, Kate and Tavo follow them and seriously wound their teacher Sensei Chen. The entire group is held captive for the night, as their teacher slowly succumbs to his wounds and grows weaker by the hour.


Now it’s up to them to learn to work together, plan their escape, and save their teacher’s life.  But both the criminals and the FBI agent tracking them have their own private agendas.  


When the ultimate showdown between the students and terrorists finally takes place, tables are turned and traitors are revealed, as both sides have someone working for them that no one ever saw coming!




Genre: Limited Location/Occult Horror (script available for review)

Alternate Titles: Carpe Noctem and Eminent Domain

Graphic Novel currently in production for 2022 release/publication.

Logline: When he inherits a Christian bookstore from his mother, her reclusive and agnostic son converts it to a store for the occult, and unknowingly becomes host to a demonic spirit who possesses his body each night while he sleeps, and carries out ritualistic murders in an effort to exorcise Mark’s own soul from his body.

Synopsis: When his mother dies, Mark Mathews inherits a Christian bookstore called The Carpenter, which he converts in to an occult bookstore renamed Carpe Noctem...Latin for “Seize the Night”. Mark’s life is difficult enough, as he battles his own obsessive compulsions that govern his daily life, including agoraphobia which makes him a virtual prisoner in his own shop.

Mark’s nightly dreams turn to sadistic nightmares when he comes into possession of a unique and cryptic book. A book that is covered with ancient writings, is sealed ... with no visible means to open it.


Through research Mark discovers that the book might have been authored by an Apostle of the Devil, or may even contain the soul of a demon. Mark does not buy into these beliefs, and learns a key isn’t needed to release its prisoner. If the folklore is to be believed, all that’s needed to open the book, is for the owner of the book to speak the demon’s name ...and so the game begins. A game of virtual chess, played out in Mark’s nightmares, with a robed figure who shares the same face with Mark.


The nightmares worsen until finally the demon himself visits Mark in his dreams and tricks him into opening it. Mark feels he’s been duped when the book appears to be empty, and so he sells it as a journal and thinks nothing more of it.


His life turns into a downward spiral of psychosis when he thinks he is seeing signs from Revelations coming to life. His psychiatrist says Mark’s mental issues are getting worse, and wants him to undergo hypnotherapy, but Mark suspects something more real and sinister. And so he begins to try and solve the biggest mystery of his life, with the help of his wacky slacker neighbor Freddy, Buzz the father figure delivery driver and his would-be girlfriend Harmony, who is the town’s newest police detective. Thus the battle for Mark’s body and soul begins, and the demon who walks in Mark’s sleep will do anything including destroying his new vessel, to stay outside the book that was once his supernatural cage.


Meanwhile, a string of ritualistic bloody murders have plagued the area and it seems that each night Mark sleeps, he awakes the next morning tired and sometimes bloody. As the police investigate these murders, all signs point to Mark’s involvement, and Harmony is on the verge of having to take him into custody. Will she trust her heart, or follow the evidence to Mark’s doorstep?  Unbeknownst to Mark, when the demon inside has been taking over his physical form, he has been building a portal to Hell from the body parts of his victims, and is nearing the completion of his terrifying construct.


Mark finally believes it’s not mere sleepwalking, and slowly accepts his involvement...could he be a sadistic killer? His life becomes a whirlwind of exhaustion, mystery and pain, as he dare not fall asleep, for fear of unleashing the horrors inside him. He eventually has no choice but to try and face his inner demon. Is Mark involved in stopping the arrival of Lucifer and the End Times here on Earth, or is he seeing signs where there are none, and these are just the final threads of his sanity breaking away?  How do you defeat the devil...when the devil is inside you?


THE BOOK OF MARK  (offers for option, and top 5% finalist/Philantos Films Screenplay contest)

Complete Script available for review.

Currently in production as a Graphic Novel and slated for 2022 production, pages can be seen to the right, prior to lettering. 

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