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Loco Hero Graphic Novel
and Streaming Series Concept. 

Published by Maverick Arts in 2020 - Loco Hero won "Cover Art of the Year" and was Runner-Up for "Indie Publisher of the Year" and "Indie Character of the Year" at the Independent Creator Awards.

Logline: When a homeless latina war vet sustains a head trauma after trying to stop a crime, she awakes to believe she is a super hero and makes it her goal to stop a slum-lord from leveling the homeless shelter where she thinks he wants to build a super-villain headquarters. 

96 Pages of published Graphic Novel follow Brina Hernandez's first story arc and develop her as a never before hero who lives on the streets but defends her home and fellow homeless residents with the courage and fearlessness of legendary crusaders like Batman...but without any of the financial means or support common with other heroes.  This award-winning Graphic Novel is based on Monte Moore's pilot episode screenplay and first season story arc.  Developed as a streaming series and available for review as screenplay and physical or digital graphic novel. 

Sexy, Cool...and just a little bit Crazy too. 

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