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Blood N'Bullets Graphic Novel and Feature Film 
Streaming Series Concept. 

This three times optioned feature film screenplay features an all-female lead cast and combines the flavor and sexiness of Kate Beckinsale in Underworld series but set in the 1800's Arizona Territory and is an already published 96 page Graphic Novel!

Mary Masterson is unique to the Old West, as she's a woman who makes her living by carrying a gun... and she's good at it. Tensions rise when Mary comes home to visit her brother and meets his new Indian wife Blackbird. Mary and the rest of the town aren't too keen on Mary's brother taking an Indian squaw to replace his recently deceased wife. 


But that's the least of her problems, as her brother is brutally murdered in an alley and the local Sheriff has no clues and no suspects. So Mary and Blackbird embark on their own investigation, and all their findings point to The Volskas, a reclusive family just arrived from Romania, who've taken up residence in a nearby Saloon.


The Volskas have come for their own secret agenda, but draw suspicions about their nature due to the fact they only come out at night and never take food or drink in public. The secret of the Volska's heritage lies with Raif, Mary's lover, the handsome and well-traveled bartender from Europe. He's heard tales of these creatures of the night, and warns Mary about crossing them. 


A bloody and calculated game of cat and mouse is played out between these vicious foes and the two women bent on revenge! The Volskas have really come to town to take the head of their father Raif, in hopes of claiming the rights to rule their clan back in Romania. Raif had turned his back on the clan and his children many years before when he realized they had all become a society of blood-thirsty monsters with no regard for human life. 


The trap is laid when the Volskas kidnap Blackbird's step-children and force the hand of Mary and her crew. Little do the Volskas know Mary has a few tricks of her own up her sleeve, including some last-minute help of her half-brother the famous gunman Bat Masterson. The bullets will fly the blood will flow and when the dust settles only the toughest will be left standing.

      "Gunfights and Vampire Bites

                  in the Old West!"

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