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The Journey Begins...
In 2008 I started my crazy foray into screenwriting by buying a copy of Final Draft and sitting down at the kitchen table with a vague story idea and not single idea how to write a script or even how long it should be.  I was surprised when I completed it in less than a week, and even more surprised that is was optioned less than a month later and rushed into production as a feature film called "Do Not Disturb".  I learned a hard lesson about who you should work with in the industry, and although the film was never finished and my rights were returned to me, I met some great folks on-set that I continue to work with today so I'll never regret that experience. 

I continued to write and develop scripts over the next few years and in 2010 took some film production classes and even was a finalist for "TK421 Why Aren't You At Your Post?" in the 2010 Lucasfilm Fan Movie Challenge for a film I made in my basement for less than $600! I decided to jump into the feature films end of the pool that year as well and took a film crew to Idaho to the 30,000 acre cattle ranch I grew up on to film "End of the Road" with Doug Jones, Robert Picardo, Michael Dorn, Zack Ward and a terrific crew!  It was a great experience and the film was distributed internationally and on VOD (Amazon/Itunes) under the title "1,2,3...Scream!" and not only was accepted into 6 film festivals, but also won a variety of awards for its category, story and cinematography. 
Another project that has been in post production quite a while now is a found-footage style horror film shot in a old movie theater in Pasadena called "Screamplay" that I hope one day will be unleashed on the fans of this unique genre. 
My creative skills as an artist/illustrator were also put to use by legendary film icon Roger Corman when he tapped me to illustrate the movie poster for "Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader" for Epix Channel and I've worked on a host of other lesser known titles as well.  As someone who also enjoys the aspects of Production Design, often smaller productions have called upon me as their Production Designer wearing many different creative 'hats' on projects like "A Sierra Nevada Gunfight" with Michael Madsen and John Savage (Producer/Art Director) and Casper Van Dien sci-fi project "Star Raiders" where I was also the film's Art Director. 

Please visit my IMDB page at this link to see some of these and other credits.
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