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Outpost: Earth  
Graphic Novel

In 1949 two meteorites crashed to Earth, but both were actually alien crafts locked in combat just outside Earth’s atmosphere.  The two different species have been warring for centuries, and have brought their war to Earth. Our planet will be used as an refueling outpost for the Wae-Haora,  a large bodied water-dwelling race of aliens that use up all natural resources of any world they encounter.  A lone sentinel Terra, a bio-cybernetic being, has been sent to help prepare Earth’s peoples and armies to defend themselves against the coming alien armada.  (Terra = Species meets Iron Man)


Terra has been trapped in her ship, buried in the side of a mountain, but able to listen to Earth’s communications for over 50 years.  Finally set free, she must race against time to help create a technology revolution to improve Earth’s weapons, technology, medicine and communications, yet still remain out of sight to the world at large.  Along with the help of Joe, and FBI agent, Terra does her best to thwart her foes and still accomplish her mission.


The Wae-Hoara scout she shot down, is also still on earth, and has a powerful ally as well, the world’s most ruthless industrialist who has risen to power with the help of the telepathic alien as his council.


The Wae-Haora’s goal is to wipe out as much of the human population, and soldiers as possible before the war begins, and to accomplish that, has unleashed a new virus upon Earth.  “Shell’s disease” as it is called, is the most rapidly fatal disease to ever sweep the Earth.  Not eating shellfish is no defense, as once on land, the virus spreads!


Terra must now try to combat the disease and come up with a vaccination or a cure, before hundreds of millions die from the plague.


Rumors of Terra’s existence pop up worldwide and fill the Internet.  Rumors abound on social media and many hope that someone will catch her on camera.  Terra utilizes everything in her arsenal from her holographic skin, teleportation, physical built-in weapons, and even her own body, as a doomsday device, to accomplish her mission.


The first round of the battle is over, but the war has yet to begin.  In the final hours Terra’s true mission is revealed,  She wasn’t sent to prepare Earth for war, she was sent to destroy it!  She was to make sure Earth could not be used as an outpost for the armada!  She hasn’t much time, before her built in protocols will take over and force her to destroy Earth. Will Joe have the courage to carry out Terra’s wish for him to kill her, before that can happen or will she be able to help Earth make a last stand! 

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